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address: Jiading district, Shanghai nanxiang town XinNa road, lane 355, 159
phone : 021-59122117
Contact: Mr Peng
phone: 13601623424
Zip: 201802
fax: 021-59122115
email: Pengwei4089@sina.com

pk10投注平台APPShanghai just art industrial co., LTD. Is a collection of production, research and development, sales in the integration of high frequency electronic equipment professional manufacturers. Is specializing in the production of 3 kw to 180 kw series high frequency plastic welding machine brand enterprise. Company introduced Japan's TOSHIBA (TOSHIBA), advanced technology and main electronic components, using the latest 21st century high frequency oscillation (square barrel oscillation) technology, to produce a product conforms to the international and Chinese national standard industrial band (13.56 MHZ to 13.56 MHZ) standards. Have passed "national quality and technical supervision of quality inspection, and issue the product the quality inspection report and the certificate of quality, to provide customers with the most reliable quality of technical support.

address:Jiading district, Shanghai nanxiang town XinNa road, lane 355, 159
Zip :201802 Contact: Mr Peng Mobile phone:13601623424
phone:021-59122117 QQ:2642483119 fax:021-59122115 email:Pengwei4089@sina.com


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